Scholarships are available to attend the 2020 National Leadership Forum. All applications must be submitted online. The submission period ended noon EDT Friday, September 20, 2019.  For any questions, please email

Important Notes:

  • All submitters will be notified by email to the addresses provided on the application form.
  • Please answer each question truthfully.
  • Once recipients are selected, the scholarship cannot be transferred to another individual within your coalition if the original recipient is unable to attend.
  • The scholarship cannot be divided among other members of the coalition and applied to registrations rather than housing or vice versa.
  • A scholarship from another year cannot be applied as a scholarship for this year.
  • A scholarship for one person in the coalition does not mean everyone in the coalition who applied also received a scholarship.
  • Scholarship recipients must plan to stay for the entirety of Forum (Monday evening through Thursday afternoon).
  • If you are an adult chaperone attending with a youth scholarship recipient, you must register and pay at the applicable rate. A youth scholarship covers the room, room tax, and registration for that individual. A youth scholarship does not cover the chaperone’s fees.
  • The scholarship recipient will be held responsible for any expenses CADCA incurs because of failure to attend or late arrival/early departure. This may include hotel room fees and meals included in registration. 
  • Recipients may be asked to assist CADCA staff during Forum with seat drops, handing out programs, etc.
  • Adult scholarship recipients will serve as room monitors for 1-2 training sessions at Forum.

Scholarship recipient notifications will be emailed October 25, 2019.